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Hold on tight for this fast-whirling thrill ride! How fast you spin is up to you so grab the wheel and twirl away!

Credits Height Requirement
10 38" w/ Adult, 48" Alone

Glow Golf

Putt your way through a maze of friendly jungle animals, from reptiles to the king of the forest! It’s a glow-in-the-dark rainforest adventure!

Credits Height Requirement
10 N/A

Boogie Bump

Bounce, spin and glide in our bumper cars!

Credits Height Requirement
10 44"

Air IncrediBear

Swing above the clouds and catch some air in IncrediBear's private airplane. He's your pilot waiting to take you on a fun, fantastic flight!

Credits Height Requirement
8 32" w Adult, 36" Alone

Prize Counter

From gigantic balls to colorful lava lamps, we have prizes for all. From little kids to big kids, and those who still think they are a kid!

Credits Height Requirement

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